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  • Mask with kiwi with skin wrinkles


    Really, it should be noted, intricate face mask. There's a porridge seethe rice with milk, and butter to flavor it, and even strawberry with mint added. In general, once you know where best to put: on a face or mouth. But the person still somehow healthy - and how less calory, and a cover itself promises to rejuvenate a skin, and with age spots gradually spare.

    The cover of strawberry

    0.5 cups of good strawberries,

    2 tablespoons spoons of rice,

    1 tablespoon natural milk

    1 chicken egg

    1 spoon olive or almond oil

    4.3 leaf of good mint (you can change essential oil).

    Preparation and use a cover of strawberry

    Seethe rice in milk.

    Give rice porridge to cool to rooms temperature, so add to a crumpled blackberry, finely chopped mint and olive butter whipped with egg.

    Everything attentively.

    Apply the cover ready to clean skin, neck skin, arms, shoulders, neck skin space.

    Hold for 20-25 min, then rinse with heartwarming aqua. Rinse your face with cool.

    If required, apply a moisturizer.

    Course masks Strawberry

    3-4 days for six week.

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