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  • Big apple cover for combination skin


    A cover need have extremely sour taste. But it need not we enjoy offered, and a female skin regularly apply. Oily facial skin is all sour loves it from her is cleaner, silk, velvet and all a right glow of contentment and proper service.

    The mask for female skin

    0.5 sour or candy-sour apple

    1 tsp. Of natural honey

    0.5 teaspoon good grapefruit juice

    1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar,

    1 egg white,

    1-2 spoon freshly ground corn.

    Preparation and use covers for dry facial skin

    Protein shake with honey and grapefruit juice.

    Big apple peel and remove a core. Bruise a quarter big apple in a blender, coffee grinder or rub on a little grater.

    Combine apple, whipped protein and apple cider vinegar. Thickeners cover corn.

    Use a cover ready to polish lightly steaming a face. Read more -->

    Cheese and sol mask


    Mix up 1 soup spoon of milk yoghurt with a teaspoonful of medium or small table or sea sol.

    Keep a mask 20 min, then rinse with hot h2o and rinse with coldness h2o.

    Course - 2-3 masks a 7 days for 1-2 months.

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    Preparation and application of a face mask


    Aloe gel will soothe and moisturize the face, jojoba oil also has moisturizing properties, except that it also acts however an antioxidant. Rose essential butter, except for the beautiful fragrance, give a skin a smooth and velvety, it will become a sort of "air conditioning".

    Combine the oil with aloe and jojoba add essence oil of rose.

    Apply a mixture however a mask or cream cover. In a first case, apply to the face (neck skin, decollete, a face of a aging body) for 10 min and rinse with soft water, in a second blot excess oil cloth and sluice.

    If you resolve to apply the mask as a night serum cover, use it for 2-3 hours earlier bed and do not drink a lot of fluids at night, to avoid swelling.

    Transfer a finished cover in a clean jar of fluid and store in a refrigerator for 10-14 days.

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    Corn starch and honey from skin wrinkles


    2-3 teaspoons of liquidity honey,

    1-2 teaspoonful of cornstarch.

    Mix until creamy, use to the skin or alone on skin wrinkles, Carefully wash off later 20-Thirty minutes.

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    Semolina of wrinkles


    Very high calorie mask for aging skin. Semolina with the butter and natural honey - it's a real blow to a energy skin wrinkles!

    The cover

    2 tablespoon tbsp. Semolina (cooked in milk or fluid).

    1 tsp. Of honey.

    1 egg.

    0.5 teaspoonful beautiful sea saline or sodium.

    1 tsp. Apricot kernel oil (free at pharmacies).

    10 drops of orange or tangerine juice.

    Making and apply covers

    Mix up soft porridge with all a other components of the cover.

    Use mask to polish, very dry face. Hold for 15-20 minutes.

    Course covers

    10 masks in 1-2 times.

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    Mask-bowl along of skin wrinkles


    1 eggs white,

    1 tbsp. Grapefruit extract

    1 tsp. Fine sea sol

    Ground corn.

    Whisk white with grapefruit extract and sol to a poor foam, thickeners mask corn. Apply on clean face lightly steamed, let very dry and troll the massotherapy lines.

    Use to skin moisturizing or nourishing cream or one of these covers.

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