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  • Rejuvenating yogurt facial cover


    1-2 tablespoons spoon yoghurt

    1 spoon spoonful floury

    Third hour lodges oil solution of vitamin E,

    1 tsp. Fine sol.

    Combine until shine cover and put on a clean damp skin (neck skin, decollete, hands facial skin). Leave a cover on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm aqua and moisturize a skin.

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    Production and application of a skin cover


    Melt the chocolate in a h2o bath or cocoa powderise is dissolved in a little capacity of hot h2o or natural milk (cream) to configuration a thick slurry.

    Combine the chocolate gravity with olive butter and throw in a vegetables.

    Allow a cover to cool down to a pleasant temperature for the skin and use it to polish, dry face of the facial skin, neck and decollete.

    If the melon supplements you pick sour fresh fruits (ripe banana, ripe avocado), the cover can be used to a skin and around the skin eyes, brushing her pre Eye Cream or olive oil. This mask is suitable for the skin.

    Later 20 min, rinse with cool water, if indispensable, apply the serum.

    Course masks

    Following 3-4 days in a 30 days.

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    Avocados with first skin wrinkles


    1 tsp. Heavy serum (cream, white yogurt)

    1 teaspoon pulp of ripe ripe avocado

    1 teaspoonful olive butter, almond oil or a other vegetable oil

    1 soup spoon Spoonful dark-brown and white saccharose.

    Mix up all ingredients in a blender until smooth, use for 20 min on a clean, slightly damp skin, so 2-3 minutes massotherapy the skin in a circular motion to massotherapy a lines from a center to the edges.

    Rinse with hot, then cool water and use a face moisturizer.

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    Ripe avocado with lemon for lights and power


    1 tablespoon Spoon ripe avocado,

    1 tsp. Good grapefruit breeding juice

    Corn starch or corn (buckwheat, oat) floury.

    Blend a ripe avocado with grapefruit juice and thicken a cover starch or mealy. Use in circular massage movements to damp and steamed polish skin, leave a cover on for 10-Fifteen minutes, a some massage and rinse with cool aqua.

    This homemade face cover promises to nourish the facial skin for a while to smooth great lines and reduce deep.

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