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  • Rejuvenating milk yoghurt skin care mask


    1-2 soup spoon spoon yoghurt

    1 tbsp. Spoon mealy

    Third hour lodges oil solution of vitamin E,

    1 teaspoon nice sol.

    Combine until polish mask and put on a polish damp skin (neck, decollete, hands skin). Leave a cover on for 15-20 min, then rinse with hot water and moisturize the facial skin.

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    Mask for female skin with tomato


    And this is a very simple cover for female facial skin promises to narrow the pores and improve female skin.

    Flesh 0.5 peeled big tomato cut and mix up with a little beaten egg.

    Apply a cover ready to clean out damp skin, hold for 10-15 minutes, so rinse with cool aqua. If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

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    Ripe bananas with lemon-skin wrinkle


    Any variation cosmetic corn: big bananas, corn, the butter, grapefruit. Barrymore should keep it and not dream. But who will decide that these Englishmen, maybe you also oatmeal, not alone internally but also externally used.

    The mask for a face

    2 soup spoon spoonful banana puree

    1 tbsp. Freshly ground oatmeal,

    1 tbsp. Olive oil,

    0.5 teaspoon good lemon fresh juice

    Small handful of desk or sea salt.

    Production and application of a facial skin mask

    Mix a ripe banana mush with butter, salt and grapefruit fresh juice, throw in the rice.

    Apply the cover ready to clean out damp face, neck skin, decollete.

    A cover can be used for the skin around the skin eyes, eyelids pre-lubricated with olive butter or cream for eyelids.

    Keep a mask for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with hot water or remove disks cosmetic or soft paper towels. If indispensable, use a moisturizer.

    Course covers wrinkles

    After 3-4 times in a month.

    2 masks of wrinkles with essence oils

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    Big apple cover for female skin


    A mask need get extremely sour taste. But it want not we possess offered, and a any facial skin regularly apply. Female skin is all sour loves it from her is cleaner, silk, velvet and all a rightly glow of contentment and proper care.

    A mask for young skin

    0.5 sour or confection-sour apple

    1 teaspoon of natural honey

    0.5 tsp fresh grapefruit extract

    1 tsp. Of organic apple cider vinegar,

    1 egg white,

    1-2 tablespoon freshly ground rice.

    Making and use covers for young face

    Protein shake with natural honey and grapefruit extract.

    Apple peel and remove a core. Mix a quarter big apple in a blender, coffee grinder or rub on a small grater.

    Blend red apple, whipped protein and big apple cider vinegar. Thickeners cover oatmeal.

    Apply a cover ready to polish lightly steaming a face. Read more -->

    Big tomato and yoghurt to narrow pores


    Another technique to narrow a pores and improve oily skin.

    A cover has to narrow

    1 large ripe big tomato.

    1 tablespoons spoon of little-fat white yoghurt (no additives and krasiteteley).

    0.5 tsp of good (not desiccated), brewer's yeast.

    Making and use masks to narrow pores

    Scald tomatoes, remove a skin and cut a pulp with a fork.

    Append a yogurt and yeast.

    Everything closely and put the mask on for 5-10 min in a hot put.

    Put the finished mask on clean face. Hold for 20 min and rinse with soft aqua.

    Course of face covers

    Every 3-4 days for 2 weeks. So how required.

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