Matting mask and tonic


Spring came, heating and increased activity of the sebaceous glands brought. Spring to enjoy, not a person with no end to powder and wipes to have wet, It is possible to strive the following cover and tonic. Maybe will help, but maybe not. But it will not strive - do not know.

Matting mask for the face

1 tsp. Freshly squeezed carrot or fresh cabbage juice,

1 protein,

2 spoon soup spoon corn mealy or murphy starch.

Protein shake slightly, veggie breeding juice, mix up with flour. Add a beaten eggs whites got flour porridge.

Use a cover to clean damp face. Hold for 15-20 min, so rinse and shake off the remnants of cool aqua.

Wipe face matte tonic: Blend equal parts of organic red apple cider vinegar and non-carbonated mineral aqua. So apply a moisturizer on a face.

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