Cleansing Face lotion for oily skin


It's not even a lotion, and a kind of cover, lotion. After lotion, so a rule, does not wash off, and this will keep a couple of minutes after treatment rinse. Of course, any chore, but at least about in the life of cosmetic variety! After cover face lotion - it will not just there some lotion and not just there a cover.

A mask, lotion for dry skin

3 tablespoons olive butter or grape seed butter,

1 tbsp. Tablespoon sweet grapefruit breeding juice

1 teaspoon baking cheese

1 teaspoonful pure mineral water

2 K. The essence butter of bergamot (sage, mint)

Little handful of table or sea saline.

Preparation and application of lotion mask

Mix lemon fresh juice with aqua, the resulting mix is dissolved in milk and saline.

Mix the veg and essence oils, and connect a two mixtures.

Apply a mask ready-lotion to clean out damp facial skin on other parts of the aging body with oily skin (shoulders, back, lower neck).

Sluice any means 1-2 min with warm h2o, rinse with cool person.

Use a cover, face lotion 1-2 times a 7 days at bedtime or 3-4 hours before going out.

Do not forget to protect your face and aging body face from UV radiation.

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