Cover with strawberry with wrinkles


Really, it want be noted, intricate masks and face care cover. There's the porridge boil rice with milk, and butter to flavor it, and even kiwi with mint added. In chief, once you know where best to put: on a face or mouth. But a person yet somehow good - and as less calories, and the cover itself promises to rejuvenate the facial skin, and from age spots gradually spare.

A cover of strawberry

0.5 cups of fresh strawberries,

2 tbsp. Spoons of rice,

1 tbsp. Natural milk

1 fresh egg

1 tbsp. Olive or almond butter

4.3 leaf of fresh mint (It is possible to substitute essential oil).

Preparation and apply a mask of strawberry

Seethe rice in natural milk.

Give rice porridge to cool to placement temperature, then throw in the crumpled strawberries, finely chopped mint and olive oil whipped with egg.

Everything closely.

Use a mask ready to polish facial skin, neck, arms, shoulders, neck skin area.

Hold for 20-25 minutes, then rinse with soft aqua. Rinse the face with cool.

If necessary, use a moisturizer.

Course covers Strawberry

3-4 days for six week.

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