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  • 2 floury and fat masks for youthful skin


    Floury and fat for a skin extremely valuable: and nourishes, and tones, and skin wrinkle the time safeguard. However a person for his own helf just need to keep such a big-calorie regime.

    Face mask with white bread, the butter and honey

    1 tsp. Of liquidity natural honey,

    1 tsp olive oil

    1 slice of white bread or rolls,

    3 tablespoons spoon milk

    5 drops of vitamin E butter solution (approachable at pharmacies).

    Production and application of a face cover

    Cut the crusts with fresh bread and soak meat in soft milk.

    When the fresh bread swells, append porridge honey, olive butter and vitamin E. All good.

    Use a cover to a clean damp face, neck, decollete. Pre-lubricate the skin may be a thin layer of moisturizer.

    After 20-25 minutes, remove a mask with a cotton pad soaked in natural milk. Then wash out with hot aqua.

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