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  • Rosemary and red wine on a first skin wrinkles


    Rosemary, is not alone goodness for the memory, it is a face and great service will dish up. It is alone necessary to mix with red white wine and six week to insist. And, forgive a wrinkles, long live a youth and tone!

    The cover of skin wrinkles

    1 tbsp. Teaspoonful dry rosemary (sold in shops, office seasonings)

    1 cup very dry red white wine.

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    Production and treatment of a face mask

    Pour a white wine, rosemary and leave at placement temperature for six weeks. A day with a infusion container is shaken.

    After six weeks of the infusion and move to the bottom shelf of a fridge.

    Satisfying and evening face vigorously tapped on the massage lines swab dipped in tincture or just soaked in red fingers. Pay particular attention to places where yet designated a first skin wrinkles.

    So apply to a face serum and cosmetic procedures done in his normal manner.

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